Natascha Snellman

I've been taking Indio to Kid Row for a few months and have been so impressed with how talented all of the kids are! Their classes are more like band rehearsals with professional musicians who teach the kids how to play and perform. 

Cameron Jordan and I asked Kid Row if we could spend an afternoon with (one of their bands)....."Cookies From Heck" and at the end of the shoot Indio jumped in as their pint sized A&R guy. 

Kid Row students are put into bands in the showcase rooms at Bedrock Rehearsal Studios in Silver Lake, and taught the songs that they love, coupled with rock ‘n’ roll classics. This is designed to give both a positive and relatable first experience playing music with friends as well an exposure to the musical history that influenced their current favorites.


Los Angeles artist, born in Texas. Cameron Jordan started her exploration in imagery during her childhood, conducting fashion shoots with her friends in her mother's clothes. During her time in college, she enjoyed the magic of the darkroom and graduated with honors from the University of Texas in Austin with a BFA in Studio Art. During her tenure in Austin, Jordan became a prolific member of the local art community and had paintings, photographs, and sculptural installations displayed in the Austin Museum of Art, Austin Galleries, and various other local businesses. She shared her love of photography and art, teaching at a private school for six years and shooting for local magazines. 

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